Building     In 1995 the Town Council of Zielonka made a decision on building a new school. The town was divided into new school districts. The one which was newly created comprised the territory of Zielonka Bankowa and neighboring real estates. A square bordered by 11 Listopada Street, Wilsona Street and Brzozowa Street was chosen for the localization of the new school. Consequently a competition for the architectural project was announced, which was won by Krystyna and Wojciech Krystyniak. The works started.
    The school is a one- storey building with an inner patio and several squares as well as a small park around it. There is a big gymnasium and a few playgrounds. Inside the building there is a canteen with cooking facilities, a library, a nurse surgery. There are cloak rooms for pupils next to the large hall.
    First pupils started their education in school year 1995/1996.The opening ceremony was held at the inner yard. In the beginning only the eastern part was accessible but within 6 months all the works were completed and the official ceremony of school's opening took place.
    In 1999, following the regulations of educational reform, a complex of two schools was created: Primary School and Gymnasium under one roof.
Mrs. Joanna Zielenkiewicz has been the headteacher since the very beginning of the school.

    Some school statistics for 2001/2002.


    In school year 2000/2001 the pupils and their parents chose Janusz Korczak to be the patron of the school. The decision was made as the result of voting preceded by one-year campaign in which pupils presented biographies and achievements of all candidates.

    The big celebration of giving the name of the great educator to our school took place after long preparations in may 2002.

 the flag of our school
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     In June 2002 the first graduates left our school and at the same year Gymnasium students moved to the newly built, impressive building of Gimnazjum Miejskie in Zielonka. Owing to both those events the number of pupils fell down considerably.
    In consequence several teachers had to change schools as well.

     Some figures from school year 2002/2003 for comparison.

     Since the beginning of school year 2002/2003 the school has been participating in three big projects:

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